Revision Rhinoplasty


Revision Rhinoplasty

This is a very difficult answer to give. Rhinoplasty as you know is one of the most common procedures that I perform as a plastic surgeon. Our dedication to rhinoplasty is surpassed by none. The level of knowledge experience skill and training that goes into the analysis and the surgical procedure for each patient in our practice is unparalleled.

We have one of the most extensive before and after galleries for rhinoplasty, primary, revision, and ethnic including Asian. The best time to achieve the best result is the first time. That’s why it is essential that you make the best decision the first time.

Perfection is elusive and unattainable. Our initial consultation for rhinoplasty is very detailed both functionally and aesthetically. We take very detailed measurements at the initial consultation and at one year postoperatively. Remember, elegance is an attitude and style is its voice. Our style for rhinoplasty is very feminine for women concentrating on certain crucial relationships, and very masculine for men. We have treated and do treat transgender individuals, wherein the mail nose must be more feminine.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Happiness is a very elusive state of mind. Some people say humans are only as happy as they make up their minds to be. But if you are dissatisfied with your rhinoplasty result at this time revision analysis can be performed and most likely a significant and noticeable improvement can be achieved. Whether or not this will make you happy is a complete unknown.

However, I can with confidence say your nose will most likely look better if not its best. If this concept is pleasing to you then your happiness with your rhinoplasty result may and I emphasize may improve. When you’re researching for your surgeon analyze the style which is represented in the gallery. There should be extensive before and after photos of all styles of the nose that you can use to analyze the suitability of surgeon for your needs. A straight dorsum and a curved tip are not the most elegant, yet this appears in the galleries of certain surgeons. My concept of elegance is different and should be understood before you make your choice.

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