Learn More About Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia- is essentially the growth of breast tissue in the male breast. It is classically seen and most commonly a concern in the younger boys and men. There are some hormonal relationships that can produce this abnormal growth of the breast tissue. It is not a malignant type of disease and is not life threatening. It is mostly an aesthetic or cosmetic concern. Men would like to have manly breasts.

The word “Gyneco” refers to female and “mastia”- refers to breast. Therefore when used to gather in reference to a man it basically describes female breasts appearing on a male of the species.

Keep in mind that the breast both male and female is made up of fatty tissue, the actual gland of the breast which in women produces milk and has a very specific function. The fat and the gland are covered with skin and at the apex a nipple and areola– these are the basic components of the breast in both male and female. The nipple or areola in the female are very functional in that the milk ducts come together and meet in the nipple and provide flow of milk to the baby. The fatty tissue surrounds the gland and serves as a protective mechanism-gives shape and substance. In the areola there are small glands which lubricate the nipple to facilitate the babies sucking process. These functions are not present usually in the male. The male breast for the most part does not produce milk. The situation of glandular hypertrophy or enlargement in the male can be traced to some hormonal conditions. In the young adolescent and in the middle aged to elderly male and possibly the bodybuilder who has taken steroids throughout his life-hypertrophy of the gland may appear..

Regardless of the etiology of the breast enlargement in the male it is unsatisfactory and considered unsightly. There are surgical procedures that can be applied to remove the glandular mass and some of the surrounding skin and fat if the need is present. In pre-pubertal males 75% of the gynecomastia resolves as puberty ends. In the mature male as testosterone levels decrease the presence of gynecomastia can increase. Also with men who have taken steroids for bodybuilding the increased mass can also persist. There is no major treatment to remove the unsightly breast tissue other than surgery. The gland is dense and will not lend itself to Liposuction. Depending on the amount of breast tissue to be removed – the incision can be inframammory or periareolar. At Celebrities Choice we do both. Occasionally a full breast reduction must be performed in order to achieve the best outcome. A pressure garment is usually worn post operatively to help maximize the cosmetic result.


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