The application of mathematical principle allows beauty to be defined  – to some degree objectively. This principle  –THE GOLDEN MEAN-- is applicable to the face, the breasts, abdomen, and yes the buttocks.

The best looking buttocks, in our culture, has changed over the past 10 to 15 years. The larger buttocks-has in some instances become more desirable. Shape and firmness have always been and still are a priority.

Certain dimensions and characteristics which are measurable – continue to define attractiveness in the buttock or gluteal area.

Generally speaking looseness, volume, roundness, and projection can all be addressed surgically.

Looseness can be directly addressed with removal of the skin, commonly referred to as- the Buttock Lift. Most notably, the buttock lift can be performed  with the patient prone- or on her/his stomach and the excess skin removed similar to the tummy tuck procedure on the abdominal wall.

There are some differences but generally speaking- removal of the excess skin will produce a smoother, lifted appearance. If, in addition to the lift, volume is required- I prefer the buttock implant or the SGAP flap.  Also strategic liposuction around the buttock  mound offers additional benefit by accentuating the highest buttock  projection point. 

As with the Abdominoplasty, the lift of this fashion requires lengthy incision that is permanent.

In summary,buttock lift is a useful tool to achieve a more attractive buttocks.

  • Before-Buttocklift1
    Before Buttocklift1 After

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