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This section of our website is addressed to the breast. The breast in western culture has achieved almost a mythical presence. It’s a very very significant part of the female anatomy, and a very very significant part of men’s world. Now, the breast has a very specific genetic component, in other words, you’re predetermined at conception as to what your breast is going to be. However, there are some changes that can occur along the way that may require surgical intervention to once again achieve that level of maximum attractiveness for your breast, your areola, and your nipple – that areola being the darkened area around the nipple. All of those aspects of the breast can be improved significantly, and produce for you a very attractive breast that gives you the opportunity to have great pride in how you look.

Now, small breasts can be enhanced, and most people in this day and age know quite a bit about breast augmentation. I prefer silicone gel implants, round silicone gel, although saline implants are available and they are less expensive. Breast augmentation requires an incision, has certain limitations and potential complications that will be reviewed in detail at your consultation, but let it be said that breast augmentation, in the right hands, can offer you a very very significant improvement in your overall physical appearance, and once again add to that glamour quotient, that glamour component of your life, whether it be in the nude, bathing suit, gown, dresses – so once again, when if you’re considering breast augmentation, give us a call here at Celebrities Choice, we would be honored to serve you.

In addition to breast augmentation, the breast lift is a very significant outpatient procedure. Now, we’re not born with a need for a breast lift in most cases – sometimes yes – but usually a breast lift is required when the nipple is pointing down toward the ground. This will require a significant surgical procedure – a mastopexy – to reshape your areola, reduce the areola size, elevate the nipple to a much more appealing position. This has a little bit more of an extensive incision site than breast augmentation, but nevertheless, it can be done, and in the right hands can give you a very significant and very attractive sexually appealing breast. A very very appealing and anatomically attractive breast.

The other operative procedure for breast is the reduction. Breast reduction carries with it the primary goal of reducing the size. In some women, the breast size is so massive, that they have neck pain, and shoulder pain, and back pain in general. The reduction of the breast, through a breast reduction, can offer a very very significant aspect in improvement, not only in the appearance but in the physical aspect of your anatomy.

So breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction – those are the three main cosmetic procedures we offer at Celebrities Choice to improve and enhance your breast.
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Intro to Breast
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