Breast Augmentation Orlando FL | Breast Enlargement with Implants


Contrary to popular belief, breast implants have been proven to be safe and effective. After years of research, the FDA has approved the safety of cosmetic breast surgery and implants.

Celebrities Choice’s award-winning and experienced surgeons are been board certified, and are well known in Orlando and throughout Florida for producing amazing results. Let our surgeons consult with you, walk you through the benefits and risks of breast augmentation, and help you sculpt your dream figure.

Silicone Gel Breast Implants 
We at Celebrities Choice only use the newest silicone gel implants. The newest generation of silicone gel has an unbelievably natural feel, and has been proven to be safe.

Our silicone gel implants:

• Are FDA approved.

• Are available in a variety of options to suit every body type.

• Have a thick shell to reduce the risk of rupture (risk is only 1% within 6 years).

• Contain cohesive gel that feels like natural breast tissue.

Post Operative Breast Massage Instructions

Learn more about the two different types of implants by reading on, or by calling our office at (407) 629-4100
and consulting with a live person.
Saline-Filled Breast Implants 
Saline-filled implants are a less expensive option than silicon. They are made with a saltwater solution, which gives them a firmer feel.

Our saline-filled implants:

• Are FDA approved

• Filled manually to achieve the perfect size

• Have a firm and natural feel

• Are available in a variety of options to suit every body type

• Are less expensive than silicone gel implants

The risk of deflation is low (3% in the first 3 years), but increases slightly as they age (10% in the first 10 years). However, you can feel safe in knowing that if they do deflate, it will pose no medical risk since they are filled with a very natural fluid. Deflation is also easy to detect and doesn’t require expensive testing to diagnose.


Call us at (407) 629-4100 or send us an email at for a private consultation with one of our Board certified plastic surgeons at Celebrities Choice in Orlando, Florida. You will feel at ease with our honest consultants as you review your options and become educated on the benefits and risks of cosmetic surgery and implants. We want you to realize your dream figure and will take time to help you determine the right type, size, and shape of implant for you.

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