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Cosmetic Ear Surgery Orlando

Do you hide your ears behind your long hair because they project too far? Or because you feel they’re too big, or too small for the size of your head? Have your ears been torn because of earrings? Whatever your concern, we at Celebrities Choice can help you look your best even with your hair short or in an updo.

Our board certified and skilled surgeons at Celebrities Choice are experts at Ostoplasty, or the reshaping of ears to improve their shape and appearance. They have extensive experience in improving the size, projection, shape, or texture of the ears based on the patient’s specific concerns.


Embryologically the ear is a very complex structure.  The  external ear––that is the part that we see is crucial to our hearing capability. It feeds the sounds that itreceives , collects and sends them into the middle ear and then into the inner earfinally to the brain to create the sense of sound. Some semblance of the external ear can be seen in the 5 week embryo as 6 small bumps or  hillocks. This is the  mostprimitive beginning of the external ear. The mature ear, for the most part reaches its final size during puberty. Usually before the teenage years begin- it reaches its final stages of growth.

The  mature ear  is essentially  skin  covering cartilage in a seemingly nonsensical  but very intricate fashion. There are several abnormalities that are of concern with respect to the appearance of the  ear. Since the ear is mostly grown in the pre teen years –it is advisable to correct these ear issues at that time—that is adolescence. Before socialization increases in activity.

I recommend otoplasty or correction of ear deformities under general anesthesia- to ensure the patient’s comfort and safety. The concha or the cup of the ear  can be too large or mal positioned –that is be too far away from the head. Correcting this is called a conchal setback.  It requires an incision behind the ear and to create arecipient  location to receive the newly positioned cartilage cup- closer to the skull. This cartilage set back procedure will correct  to a great degree the protrusion of the ear.

The next main portion of correction is the anti- helical fold. This can be approached from the same post auricular-or behind the ear- incision. The new fold can be created by scratching or scoring the anterior flat cartilage that is supposed to be curved. This process will weaken this cartilage and facilitate multiple sutures strategically placed to hold the newly curved cartilage .

Otoplasty is a very challenging task for the plastic surgeon. A great degree vision and artistry is required. Once the procedure is completed a specialized head dressing is placed and kept  there for at least a week. Once this dressing isremoved  a headband is worn at night during sleep. This process of correcting the various deformities of the ear will allow the patient to experience a much more normal looking ear and alleviate  the anxiety of having prominent ears.

Call us at (407) 629-4100 or send us an email at [email protected]We will answer any introductory questions you may have, and can schedule a private consultation for you with one of our board certified plastic surgeons at Celebrities Choice in Orlando, Florida. You will feel at ease with our honest consultants as you review your options and become educated on the benefits and risks of cosmetic surgery. Our surgeons are extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and will take time to help you determine what is required for you to look and feel your very best.

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