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fillersWe all age at different rates. However, we all have similar components which really age at different rates. Skin, muscle, fat, and bone as well as connective tissue and certain ligaments make up most of the face. Aging hallmarks are sagging and volume loss as well as skin wrinkling and texture changes. If the major diagnosis is sagging skin and muscle, then fillers will not address these issues completely.

In the younger person, say late 20s to late 40s fillers may be of value. Fillers are basically biologic or synthetic. Their overall purpose is shared, and that is to produce collagen. It’s believed that the production of collagen will improve wrinkling and sagging to a limited degree. It takes knowledge, experience, skill, and training on the part of the plastic surgeon to determine which modality would be best for each individual patient.

If when you look in the mirror and use your hands to advance your cheeks and neck in a major fashion then you are probably a candidate for a full facelift. If, however you’re not a candidate then the process of fillers through collagen production may buy some time before the full surgical facelift is required.


The answer to the above question is clearly a no. Fillers whether they are biologic or synthetic threads or other mechanical collagen producing treatments like a laser or J plasma are all not a substitute for the proper treatment for the proper diagnosis. If the diagnosis is true sagging of tissues and volume loss that a combination of surgical facelift, skin excision, muscle tightening in volume improvement with one of the major fillers, or your own fat may be helpful to achieve the best result.

Once the proper surgical treatment has been performed and a reasonable amount of time is a lapse for healing then the process of using fillers in a strategic fashion is valuable in maintaining longevity of the surgical result. Fillers have a variety of longevity, and you can discuss this with us during your consultation as to which filler is best for you and your specific situation. Fillers can be short-term, medium-term like six months to five years or in some cases permanent. Overall good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, including hydration and daily exercise are all essential to maintaining a youthful appearance.

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