An ENT or Plastic Surgeon?

rhinoplastyWhen it comes to rhinoplasty, I am highly opinionated. Not all plastic surgeons are the same. The greatest difference is in this specific operation is the nose job. In my opinion, knowledge, experience, skill, training, and talent are the essential requirements for a rhinoplasty surgeon. Plastic surgery in general is basically creative anatomy with some degree of flair.

First, I would decide – do I want it open, that is a scar across the tissue between the nostrils. Or, do I want it closed, that is all the incisions inside the nose. Unless the nostrils need an adjustment. And then the scar is in the crease by the nostril edge.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I believe I have a very distinct and unique style. Especially when compared to an ear nose and throat doctor. They have their own ideas about how to do nose surgery. Many of the concepts are the same or similar. However, in the final analysis, if you take the time as I have done you, will see a very distinct difference in results.

Once you make the decision that you want it closed that limits your choices. This is because not all plastic surgeons are trained or willing to do the closed technique. It is a much more challenging technical operation. However, in my opinion, it has distinct advantages. The greatest advantage I believe is that it gives a better result.


The essential elements of a successful rhinoplasty surgery have to do with:

  • The length of the nose;
  • The middle third of the nose;
  • A gentle widening as it approaches the tip but not too wide.
  • And, a very elegant unique tip dimension.

The relationship between the profile and the tip is crucially important. I strive to achieve a slight difference between the height of the profile and the tip of the nose. This is what in my opinion creates the most aesthetic, unique, glamorous, and feminine look.

If you do your homework, and you analyze galleries of before-and-after photos, you will pick up and identify these differences. Most of the galleries you observe will have a straight dorsum and a rounded tip. There is very little unique elegant relationship. No drama, no flair. A thorough analysis of before-and-after galleries will help you determine your goals and your style.

We have in my opinion one of the largest and complete galleries of before and after photos of practice in the country. We do closed rhinoplasty. Furthermore, we strive to achieve that elegant profile and tip relationship so enthusiastically sought after by our patients. Compare galleries, and you will see the difference!


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