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As plastic surgeons who deal with appearance including the breasts we often are asked questions that are best answered in conjunction with the  patients’

most personal and private feelings about their intimate life.

Historically breasts have played a profoundly significant part in the development and achievements of all of mankind. Artistically, socially, nutritionally, and sexually the female breasts are integral to our well-being.

The aesthetic appearance of the breasts have been evaluated throughout time. We can deliberate endlessly as to what constitutes the perfect breasts. The breast is made of a gland which produces milk, surrounded by fatty tissue, and held together by a skin envelope culminating in the nipple areolar area. The gland makes milk, the nipple allows the child to suckle and glands on the areola facilitate that process. The fatty tissue helps and assists in giving the breast form , volume, and shape. Trying to answer the question “what size implants will best suit me”– is like asking someone to explain what does quality of life mean to you.

We try to create breasts that fit the structure and composition of the body upon which they exist. Height, weight ,personality, style of work and many other factors go into determining which breast implants are the best for that particular patient at that particular time.

The average woman is approximately 5 feet plus several inches, weighing 120 TO 140 pounds, usually will look good with substantial breasts that are firm, that are perky, that have proportionality including the areola and to the nipple but are not too large. It is also important to note that the average size implant in the Northeast is identifiably smaller than the implant size in the South and in the West. There is no right answer without a thorough evaluation and interaction with the patient both physiologically anatomically and especially personally. This process is the best we have available to determine through the sizing process what style and specific characteristics will constitute the perfect implant for the perfect patient at the perfect time. My staff-and I are very focused and well trained to arrive at the implant size best suited for that patient at that time. The patient’s input is essential. My personal preference is Allergan gel filled implants usually under the muscle depending upon the existing amount of breast tissue and its position preoperatively.Elegance,glamour, excitement are the order of the day!!

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