UNREALISTIC RHINOPLASTY EXPECTATIONSThe overwhelming majority of patients seeking cosmetic surgery, and particularly rhinoplasty have very real and justifiable expectations. When the risks, benefits, and the intended outcome are all discussed the overwhelming majority of patients understand and acknowledge this. They understand with their signature on the consent form. Consent forms deal with complications, expectations, and normal aspects of surgical procedures.

Occasionally, I will meet the patient with somewhat bizarre ideas and expectations of the rhinoplasty results. For example, recently a patient wanted a pinched nose tip, and an over-exaggerated profile. Or, more specifically an over-resected dorsum rhinoplasty. I find it a challenge to understand how or why the patient would want specifically to look botched. This was this patient’s own words.

In other words, she wanted to look botched. This of course is anatomically, ethically, and morally in my opinion contrary to the oath we take to do no harm. Trying to reason with these types of patients is futile. I had to firmly admonish her desires and try to point out the damage that this would do to her physical appearance. Sometimes patients require psychiatric evaluation in order to identify underlying psychiatric issues that may impede providing care to certain individuals.

Rhinoplasty and Expectations

There are certain procedures, for example, the nose where I will ask the patient to show me post-op results that they find appealing or attractive. More often than not these patients will bring in photos from our website demonstrating a clarity of aesthetic taste that assists me and my staff. So we may provide the best possible care for these patients.

The point is, with respect to cosmetic surgery, a clear understanding of the patient’s taste and personal aesthetic. It is essential to explore prior to undertaking any cosmetic surgical operation. It may not always be obvious what the patient’s concept of a good result will be without that patient sharing photos of others who have had the procedure they desire.

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