rhinoplasty expectations


rhinoplasty expectationsUnlike most other surgical procedures in plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is a surgery of millimeters. Most other procedures are surgeries of inches or centimeters. This difference is magnified by the fact that the nose is in the middle of the face. Studies have shown for certain number of people the first glance begins with the nose and then eyes and mouth. However, not necessarily in that order.

We see patients every week for rhinoplasty. We take great pride in our ability to deliver the best possible result for that individual patient. And, in the safest possible manner. We spend a great deal of time examining and discussing with the patient their goals.

I use a technique of asking the patient to share picturess with me. Often patients show me before and after photos from our website. Our team of experts managing our website and our Instagram are very aware of the need for accuracy and consistency with respect to art galleries.

Rhinoplasty Expectations

I am very quick to point out to patients that which picks from other sources that are not our website or Instagram are more often using photoshop than not. Especially if the picture they show me is of a celebrity. One of the most common areas of misconception about unrealistic expectations is skin thickness. Remember as a plastic surgeon I can restructure the bone and the cartilage. However, we have very little control over the ability of the skin to basically shrink wrap over the new internal structure.

However, it is the bodies response that ultimately determines the outcome of the procedure.  Therefore, it is essential to select the best possible plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty. One who explains to you very thoroughly that skin thickness is essential in understanding the limitations of the results. Patients with very thick skin must be counseled very clearly on this fact or they may be misled. And, therefore have unrealistic expectations regarding the result and outcome of their rhinoplasty surgery.

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