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Mini Tummy Tuck or Full Tummy Tuck?

We often see patients who we consult regarding excess skin and fat in their abdomen region. Also  those who have loose muscles after multiple pregnancies. This results in a desire for a mini tummy tuck, and a desire for a small incision. Unfortunately this is not possible!

Therefore some of these patients have a misconception that a mini tummy tuck is a solution. Very few patients are candidates for a mini tummy tuck. It is very limited in its value.

Mini vs Full Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck may work well for extremely fit individuals who have very little excess skin. But  for those individuals who have excess skin and fat, and loose muscles it will not work. The mini Tummy Tuck does nothing for the belly button, and all of the loose skin above the belly button will remain loose.

The incision for the full tummy tuck is a trade-off. Flat abdomen, in exchange for incision, which by the way is easily hidden.  And therefore years later fades nicely when the patient follows all of the post-operative instructions and their body has a good healing capacity, etc.

Weight Loss = Loose Skin

When you experience significant weight loss both men and women may certainly have loose skin.
Sometimes patients say they want liposuction, but they are mistaken about what their diagnosis truly is and what is required to streamline their bodies. Liposuction alone in these instances has very little value which results in patient disappointment. Furthermore, liposuction alone does nothing for the loose skin. Learn more about the tummy tuck.

Post Pregnancy

Also, women who have had two or more pregnancies may also experience loose skin not only of the abdominal wall but also the breasts. As a result one of the best advantages of a full tummy tuck is the ability for the surgeon to tighten the separation of the rectus muscles that occurs with multiple pregnancies. Tightening these muscles along with the full removal of all of the loose and excess skin and its stretch marks produces the absolute best possible result.

A full tummy tuck and muscle tightening is the only way to acheive the flattest, tightest, abdominal wall improvement.

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