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The best tummy tuck is not to need one. However, there are not many people on this earth who could not use a little help achieving a flat tight abdomen. Flat tight abdomens are attractive and sexy. If you lost significant weight and if you’ve had several children it’s unlikely that you’re pleased with the appearance of your abdomen.

If when you leave the shower and you’re drying yourself off and you look in the mirror and you are able to pinch or grab a significant amount of skin and fat – you may be a great candidate.

Tummy Tuck Orlando

The scar must be placed low enough and be long enough to remove all of the excess skin and fat that exists on the lower abdomen. Furthermore, once this incision is made and the excess skin removed the muscle is in full sight – – and can be tightened significantly to further improve that flatter tighter abdomen. This scar although permanent is as stated strategically placed to be hidden by most bathing suits – to a great degree. I use special type sutures to minimize the appearance of this scar over time.

Of all the surgeries we perform as plastic surgeons the tummy tuck has the longest but most beneficial scar.

These very strategically placed special sutures take some time to dissolve, but they are internal therefore do not require removal in the post. Furthermore, once this special type closure is complete I place sterile Steri-Strips to further maximize the benefit of the special internal stitches.

Once the Steri-Strips are removed we begin scar treatment process which if followed properly can further enhance
the long term appearance of this incision. Therefore special stitches, Steri-Strips, and scar treatment can produce a very acceptable scar long-term. Keep in mind that your decision to remove this extra and access skin and fat will require a trade-off – which is this scar. Learn more about tummy tuck.

Flat Tight Belly

So if you believe you would benefit from a flat or tighter abdomen and diet and exercise are not achieving your goals
you may consider a tummy tuck give you the figure and the look you desire.

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