Tummy Tuck Consultation

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty Consultation

All tummy tuck patient consultations in our office begin with an internet search or referral from happy patients and physicians.  The patient has an epiphany. They search throughout the Internet for adequate information.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of those procedures that creates a flatter tighter abdominal wall, Furthermore it tightens muscles. This weight loss process does not occur overnight. It takes commitment, perseverance, focus, and personal strength to work off those pounds. Then to realize that they require surgery in order to achieve sought after improvement.

When he or she arrives at our website DrTomTrevisani.com, they immerse in a world of information, descriptions, testimonials, interviews, videos and a large before-and-after gallery.
Once the weight loss patient or the woman of multiple childbirths, realizes that diet and exercise alone will not achieve her goals they search for plastic surgical ways to improve that body.


This inquiry, this research, this desire leads to a phone call to the office to schedule an appointment. The receptionist is friendly and informative.  The receptionist shares with the patient that there is a fee for the consultation. Charging for consults is a very helpful tool for us to deliver our service.

After discussing directions, parking, location the patient arrives and is given multiple forms to fill out. These forms are essential for the doctor and the medical team to develop and establish a very confidential, trusting relationship with the patient.


The doctor reviews the forms. The next step in building the relationship is for the doctor and the patient to meet in the exam room. Review of these forms is essential because it gives the physician a snapshot of the patient’s overall medical health. I like to introduce myself to the new patient in a very informal fashion. It is essential that I convey to the patient my confidence in my knowledge experience, skill, training, and talent without being pushy or arrogant.

Review of the medical history helps me to determine if any clearances from specialists are required. All past medical history and current issues require the support of the specialist handling those issues.  This allows me to safely deliver my plastic surgery service.


Next in the tummy tuck consultation I perform the all-important physical exam. We take vital signs and height and weight of new patients. The tummy tuck patient partially disrobes to allow me adequate access to the mid-torso especially the abdominal wall. Measurements are made and I determine the laxity of the lower abdomen.

If volume of tissue extends into the hips I may suggest, as I trace out the incision site, that we extend the incision adequately to the hips.  This includes additional access skin and fat. I examine the bellybutton umbilicus and assess as much as possible the abdominal wall muscles. I then convey to the patient and simulate the amount of skin and fat I will remove during the surgical tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

If the patient wishes I then address the breast to make recommendations that may also improve the anatomic appearance of these all-important structures.


At the end of the patient consultation exam I address all of the patient’s questions.  I then move on for my assistant to take the appropriate preoperative photos. Patient then dresses and discusses finances with the aesthetic consultant. Once the patient decides to move forward, they return for the all important pre-op day.  During this we review the plan, solidify the plan, and interact with the patient’s post operative caregiver.

Consents are signed.  I inform the patient the next time we meet is at the surgical center. At the surgical center they meet anesthesia providers and the surgical team. I then perform final measurements and photos.  The patient receives preoperative medication from the anesthesia provider. Then off we go to the operating room. Postoperatively in most instances the patients go home.

If I also treat the breasts we require overnight observation. This is a synopsis of the tummy talk or abdominopasty and a path to a flatter tighter hopefully more attractive abdominal wall.


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