Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts refer to a congenital condition of primarilythe female breast.

Although it can occur in men –but very rarely. It occurs in about 5% of women who seek consultation for breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery. The emotional effects can be severe and therefore the surgical correction will usually produce a very happy –self confident woman. The condition-although congenital in nature-that is present at birth-it does not manifest itself until the breasts begin to grow at puberty. The characteristics are often very clear –but can exist with only borderline elements-each of which can exist to varying degrees. The perfect breast does not exist but there are common elements shared consistently by all attractive  breasts. The tuberous breasts will deviate from these identifiable components consistently. Whereas the best looking breasts will have a broader base and then taper very gradually to the apex which will be at the nipple. The tuberous breast is narrow at its base and will Not taper as it approaches the nipple but remain elongated looking and appear very constricted throughout its entire length.There is usually a noticeable herniation-or a pushing through of the breast tissue into the areola giving the areola a distinctive puffy look.The condition is bilateral and has no known cause.The breasts are usually small and underdeveloped and thought to be due to a localized collagen defect. In addition to the narrow base and possibly smallsize,the fold may be noticeably high and the space between the breasts abnormally wide. The treatment is usually breast enlargement and reducing the puffiness of the areola at the same time. It is very fulfilling for a woman to have attractive breasts that she can be proud of and the distress of tuberosity can be eliminated very safely and effectively by specialized Plastic Surgery techniques and the use of quality,breastimplants readily available today. It is also very fulfilling as a Plastic Surgeon to have been able to help many women conquer what could be a devastating condition if left untreated.

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