tuberous breasts


tuberous breastsAs we have discussed in the past breast shape and size are essential areas of the female anatomy. A woman’s identity and feelings of self-confidence are linked to her appearance and the breasts play a significant role in a female’s psyche. Admittedly some more than others.

We all have physical and anatomic shortcomings that over time we learn to live with and learn to accept ourselves for what we are. This is a healthy state of mind. However, there are some conditions that can be overcome with plastic surgery. And, in so doing elevate a woman’s self-concept and feelings of confidence.

Tuberous breasts can detract from a woman’s feelings about herself and create a mindset of self-consciousness. The tuberous breast is more tubular in shape, conical and elongated with a puffy areola as opposed to a round more breast-like look. Surgical treatment is the only option if improvement is desired. There are no creams, exercises, or topicals that can treat this condition.

The primary issue is a deficiency of skin which does not permit the normal formation of the breast. The normal breast has 45% of its volume above the nipple plane and 55% below the nipple plane. Therefore, with the shape determined by the adequacy and location of the skin envelope. And, in tuberous breasts, there is very little skin causing the breast to be long and thin like a tube. So, the goal of treatment is to create more skin in order to facilitate a reshaping of the breast.

Tuberous Breast Correction

In less severe cases a large implant can be used to facilitate this goal. Furthermore, in more severe cases tissue expanders, which are partially filled saline implants which are inflated over time to actually expand the skin. Once the desired volume of expansion is achieved the expander can be removed and a permanent silicone implant placed.

Also, a mastopexy or a breast lift may be required in order to reposition what skin is available and to reduce the puffiness of the areola. The tissue expander and implant method can be performed through either an infra-mammary or a periareolar incision. If a mastopexy or lift is required the incision will be the inverted T. This is with an incision around the areola to possibly reduce its diameter and puffiness.

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