Breast Cancer Awareness Month ‎October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Breast cancer dates back to ancient times. Detection,treatment and survival-as with all types of cancer is the main goal of Modern Medicine Depending on the research the incidence of breast cancer is approximately 10-12% of adult women. It is estimated that 40,000
women die each year from breast cancer-risk factors include-obesity-lack of exercise-alcohol consumption-hormone replacement during menopause-ionizing radiation-early age of menopause and having children late or not at all. THERE IS NO KNOWN RISK OF BREAST CANCER WITH HAVING BREAST AUGMENTATION
Survival is high and is dependent on early examination. As Board Certified Plastic Surgeons we are trained to do a thorough breast
exam on all patient that consult with us for any
kind of breast surgery—augmentation-breast lift-breast reduction. I personally have detected several early stage Cancers of the breast and have referred the patient to a qualified General Surgeon for confirmation and breast biopsy. I usually recommend a screening mammogram to assist in the preoperative evaluation of any woman over 40. The benefit of routine screening
for breast cancer is debatable. I personally am very aggressive about screening and believe that the benefits far outway the risks. Both the subglandular and the submuscular placement of implants should result in all of the breast tissue above the implant facilitating the early detection process.

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