Thinking About Changing Your Look?


If you have ever contemplated changing your look through cosmetic surgery that is normal.  Millions of people consider breast or nose changes through cosmetic surgery. All cultures throughout the world and for all of time have standards of beauty.

Every continent has a history of the evolution of standards of beauty as it applies to both men and women and how they look. In Western culture, which has a rich history, certain aspects of our face and bodies have come to be embraced as more attractive than others the nose and breast for example.

The breasts for example are not only functional, feeding infant children, but have
an additional benefit of aesthetic and sexual attractiveness depending on how they look. Many research projects have focused on why certain areas of the body look best and we can find volumes that describe differences in aesthetic appeal, and opinion.
This principle of flexibility and variability applies also to the face abdomen arms and legs. Every woman struggles with what to wear, what shoes to wear what type of makeup to employ accessories are often a challenge as well as hairdo.
When it comes to the nose in changing your appearance however there are schools of thought and belief. For example – the profile.


Changing your nose appearance with cosmetic surgery for nose or breast brings up questions. Should the female nose profile be straight or have a slight curve. The professionals, the surgeons call it a supra-tip break. This I have found to be the most desirable nose profile that women request. We have lengthy discussions during our consultations regarding the profile. A straight profile can be attractive – especially if that is what the patient desires.However if a slight tip up is required  – or a slight  difference between the top of the nose –– the dorsal –– and the tip there must be ways to achieve this. Some noses will not permit it just because there is not enough material and anatomic substance to create it.


When the tip to lip distance is short and predictably inadequate to achieve this supra-tip break, then additional length must be created. Remember the area between the nostrils from the tip down to the lip is the area we are discussing when changing how you look. There are several opinions on how to achieve this beneficial length. My personal opinion is that the definition of the strut must be embraced fully. A strong sturdy structure resting upon you solid surface in extending up to the tip of the nose in order to give it the needed extra length. Small pieces of cartilage will not work. Therefore I choose to use rib cartilage. Preferably from the tissue bank. This will avoid the extra scar on the chest especially on a woman, and eliminate the risk of harvesting the rib. Make an appointment to discuss changing your appearance or how you look.

changing your appearance

Dr Tom Trevisani discusses changing your appearance

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