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mommy makeoverThe term mommy makeover is not a true clinical term. However, it has become commonly referred to as a combination of procedures that usually result from multiple pregnancies. Hence the term mommy makeover. This blog will address several of the cost variations that the patient will encounter. One of the essential elements is the size of the patient. As you know BMI will vary according to height and weight. The larger the breast and the larger the abdominal apron the more time will be required. The more involvement to facilitate the restructuring of the body. The more time involved and the more complex the case is, the higher the cost. The larger the anatomic area to be treated the higher the cost.

Another element to be addressed is whether or not the tummy tuck or breast surgery is a primary procedure or a revision procedure. Primary procedures although challenging in their own right, are more advantageous for the surgeon and the patient. Revision tummy tuck and revision breast surgery may require a greater degree of time and skill because of the presence of scar tissue and other challenging factors.

A tummy tuck post-pregnancy presents a different set of circumstances than a tummy tuck after large weight loss. The post-pregnancy tummy tuck will require muscle tightening as well. The post-bariatric or post-weight-loss patient usually presents with a larger abdominal apron requiring greater surgical treatment and time in the operating room.

What Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

Another variable cost factor in a mommy makeover will be whether the breast needs a lift. Also with or without implants versus a large breast reduction. Keeping in mind that the lift incisions in the breast reduction incisions are relatively similar the amount of tissue I remove is drastically different. The lift will require skin only removal. The reduction will require not only skin removal but a glandular reduction to achieve the desired result.

Additional procedures may be necessary in order to fine-tune and achieve the optimal result such as medial thigh lift or medial arm lift. Weight loss also can produce laxity of the cheeks and neck requiring a face and neck lift. Prices for these procedures either alone or in combination will vary because of the above-mentioned factors.

Tissue excess, time in the operating room under anesthesia, and whether or not implants are needed, or fat transfer is performed will all affect the cost. The main objective of this type of large surgical procedure is the safety and security of the patient. We in our practice investigate the entirety of the inner workings of the patient’s physiology. Urine, blood tests, chest x-ray, EKG, and especially clearances from associated physicians caring for the patient’s well-being. In other words, if the patient is taking other medications clearances must be obtained from these prescribing doctors in order to maximize patient safety.

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