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round faceAs a plastic surgeon, I often see in consultation individuals, mostly women who desire a more heart-shaped face. That is they believe their face is a little more rounder than they would like. During the consultation, there are several aspects in areas of the phase that I will analyze and discuss. As I often assert the patient’s the first thing seen on the face is the nose. Therefore we may have a short conversation about the nose. Read on as we discuss streamlining the round face.
The essence of this desire is to streamline the round face. This is for the younger patient, that is the patient not directly in need of a facelift. The issue is with the cheek buccal fat pocket. The cheek that is about the size of a golf ball and when removed begins to reduce the roundness of the face and move more toward a heart shape. This fatty area is accessible from inside the mouth and requires a small incision to access it and a few stitches to close it.

Round Face

As with any surgical procedure, there may be some swelling for several days post-procedure. In addition to this cheek, the fat removal injection of filler along the cheekbone arch will further add to the streamlining of the face. This combination of cheek fat removal called a Bichectomy – – in conjunction with the bony cheekbone arch augmentation can produce a very attractive look. Of course neuromodulators, for example, Botox or Dysport can also be used to soften the frown and for head lines.
If the chin is weak, adding an implant may add to the attractiveness desired. Non-surgically we can add HA filler. But this is temporary. Also if there is excessive fat under the chin, then submittal and Joel libel suction can be used at the same time to fully streamline the face. Lip augmentation with fillers added to these above procedures can achieve a very attractive glamorous look provided it is not overdone.
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