Skin Removal Surgery Orlando

Skin Removal Surgery Orlando

Skin Removal Surgery Orlando

Skin Removal Surgery Orlando, skin removalSkin removal surgery after weight loss and pregnancy. Loosing and shedding large amounts of weight requires a major transformation in the patient’s lifestyle.

Often times, Bariatric Surgery is needed in order to facilitate weight loss. Once the weight is lost, the patient then focuses on the residual hanging and loose, excess skin.

Removal of this excess skin and re-contouring of the body to fit the new body image requires surgery. Not all plastic surgery practices will share in the celebration of this change of mindset. We can perform multiple contouring operations at one setting, provided the health and pre-operative condition of the patient meets all of the requirements.

Loose skin can occur after several pregnancies, especially in the breast and the lower abdomen. Women seek a Mommy Makeover -to reshape their body. These areas of concerns can also occur in men and women who have lost significant weight and body fat.

Skin removal surgery is usually directed first toward the breast and upper and lower stomach areas. These two areas -give the highest satisfaction and return on investment- as these are the core areas concerned with body image.

Our Practice focuses on all of the pre-operative, operative, and post-operative requirements to achieve the best results.

Also, the improvement of these areas will reduce the closing sizes and allow the patient to further enjoy the benefits of this new lifestyle.

As with all Cosmetic Surgical procedures- shopping for the lowest cost – is not always the most efficient and rewarding endeavor. We hear a lot of questions like ” How much is skin removal surgery? How much is tummy tuck? How much is breast lift or augmentation ?” What patients need to understand – is that these procedures are customized and individualized and prices will vary depending on the complexity of the case, amount of loose skin, fat, additional procedures involved, and of course the experience and skill of the Surgeon. That’s why finding an experienced Surgeon is a crucial element- and then set up an appointment to determine what will really work for you- in order to achieve the best, longest lasting result. Learn more about skin removal.

To summarize, the costs for these procedures will vary greatly and are the responsibility of the patient, since most insurance policies do not consider them a “covered expense”. Although not inexpensive – the costs are small in comparison to the lifetime benefits enjoyed by the patient.

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