breast implants


Before we answer that question directly – because it does require a great degree of explanation. Breast augmentation is, along with rhinoplasty the two most common procedures performed in our country. It’s estimated that approximately 400,000 women receive breast augmentation in the United States alone. Add to that the rest of the world including Europe and it may approach a million –– yearly. Attractive breasts have been and continue to be a highly desirable asset.

The state-of-the-art today is that silicone breast implants have achieved a level of improvement and stability of the shell and gel that have become very reliable and safe – such that I use silicone/ gummy bear implants exclusively. The answer to the above question lies within the mind and heart of each individual patient.

Some women – very few- who have enjoyed better breasts for years may suddenly decide they no longer want them. As a younger woman breast implants seemed appealing. Further along in life implants in some women tend to lose their appeal. In which case they decide to remove them. Personally, over the years I can count almost on one hand women who want them removed permanently. Some will remove them and get a breast lift. Some will remove them and go larger or smaller. But removing them permanently is rare.

Breast Implants

There are some consequences to removing breast implants -for example sagging skin. This can be treated with a breast lift which in most cases can reshape and utilize the patient’s own remaining volume to achieve?  Hopefully, aesthetic-looking breasts that they enjoy and embrace. Therefore, removal is basically personal.

There are some caveats. Although breast cancer from breast implants has not been clearly established some associated illnesses have occurred. Squamous cell carcinoma – 20 cases and various lymphomas – 30 cases have been reported in the fibrous tissue around the implant. It hasn’t been possible to determine if these rare cases were caused specifically by the implants – probably not.

The most recent associated medical condition associated with textured implants is referred to as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Short form BIA-ALCL. Although FDA hasn’t officially recommended the removal of these implants unless there are symptoms. I suggest and believe they should be removed or replaced with smooth gel implants. Just to eliminate the risk factor.

That kind of sums up whether you should remove your implants. If you don’t have a medical risk factor and you enjoyed the aesthetic look and feel of your breasts – Then I would suggest leaving them alone. It’s a big decision because once a woman becomes attached to her hopefully more attractive anatomy it’s traumatic to let it go.

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