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You Are A Celebrity In Your Own Lifetummy tuck orlando

I had a patient once who was a champion ballroom dancer in her earlier days. She had several children and gained a lot of weight maybe 100 pounds and stayed heavy after the delivery of the third child.

After a significant struggle with diets and exercise, she finally was able to shed the unwanted pounds.
She consulted with me for an abdominoplasty and was advised that she was a great candidate. She understood the incision site, permanency of the scar, potential risks, and complications.

The patient was ready to schedule but I found out later that she went elsewhere because it was cheaper.

We’ve addressed this issue of cost many times, and come to the conclusion that when it comes to cosmetic surgery cheapest is not the best. After going someplace else some complications arose and was unhappy after a year returned to me.

Courage to Be Your Best

Finally she admits she made a mistake and was determined to be her best. I once again informed her that choosing to be your best is the celebrities choice. That is– successful people make a choice at some point in their life – – and that choice is no matter what they’re going to be and do their best. After thorough evaluation she chose a revision tummy tuck.

Revision Tummy Tuck

There was a large fold of excess skin and fat hanging in the lower abdomen, as well as love handles that abdominoplasty could reduce. Furthermore, she had a slight convexity or outward curve of her upper abdomen.

It was explained that repair of the rectus muscles may improve this outward curvature to some degree. I emphasized again that redoing the procedure and removing all excess skin and fat would give her a flatter more attractive abdomen.

She decided that she had the courage and the resources to make the commitment to be her best. She underwent a revision of her tummy tuck. Also, the revision required slight repositioning of her bellybutton which is sometimes necessary with revisions.


Once she was all healed she understood the wisdom of my original suggestion that cheap is not always the best. After healing nicely she is now doing her ballroom dancing training.   Once again became the champion that she was meant to be.  She is a celebrity in her own life. Learn more


Plastic surgery is a creative performing art of reshaping and redefining the human anatomy. The first time is always the best time to achieve that best result.

This may not be available 100% of the time. therefore revisions are often required. If you need a revision I would seek a board certified plastic surgeon with a relatively extensive gallery. One who charges for consultation and explains in detail what to expect and is able to demonstrate work through an extensive gallery of before-and-after’s.

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