rhinoplasty splintAs we have stated previously rhinoplasty is the heart and brain surgery for the plastic surgeon. The first time is unquestionably the best opportunity to achieve the best most attractive nose whether female or male. The female nose should be feminine and elegant. The male nose strong and masculine. Occasionally a male will require and request a more feminine nose and this can also be addressed and achieved when indicated. That situation is special and we will address it at a later time.

The anatomic structure of the nose is complex and requires a level of knowledge, experience, skill, training, and talent on the part of the surgeon to maximize the final aesthetic result. Most revision requests come when some aspect of the initial procedure falls short or some unforseen complication occurs. I cannot emphasize enough how essential it is for the rhinoplasty patient to choose the right surgeon. Choosing the right surgeon and establishing a clear vision for the patient is of the utmost importance. The revision can be best achieved in my opinion in the hands of a very experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who has an intense and deep interest in rhinoplasty. Only in this set of circumstances is it worth it in my opinion to proceed. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for the vision to be clear.
The anatomy is complex and the surgeon through the closed technique must be able to realign, and readjust the internal structures – taking into account the thickness of the skin – to redesign the nose.


I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to choose the right surgeon and to insist on the closed technique
for any primary or revision rhinoplasty. The immediate postop discomfort is minimal. Usually, local anesthesia is applied that lasts for several hours after the surgery. There may be some throbbing the night of, and some of the day after. It does require significantly more exacting and challenging work but in the right hands, the opportunity for success is optimal.
Remember there is no substitute for a detailed in-person examination and the creation of a clear vision for the intended result.


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