Revision is an interesting word. The most immediate synonym is to correct. If you look at synonyms for” correct ” you will see – rectify, remedy, reform.   It generally means you have to fix something. In plastic surgery the word revision usually applies in my  practice, someone is requesting me to correct someone else’s less than optimal result.  Therefore revision rhinoplasty is a common procedure in my office.

Patients had a rhinoplasty somewhere else by another physician.  They usually returned to that physician, possibly one or more times.  But they did not achieve the look of the nose she or he desires. Therefore revision rhinoplasty in my practice is essentially a plea by a patient to correct a less than optimal result created by another surgeon either nearby or far away.


All plastic surgeons think they are the best. It takes and requires a certain degree of self confidence in order to take a person to the operating room, put them to sleep, and perform a surgical procedure.
Sometimes individuals envision something that they are incapable of creating. With respect to
rhinoplasty – – the first time is absolutely the best time to achieve the best result. There is no substitute for knowledge, experience, skill, and talent. This combination of attributes is needed in rhinoplasty. The best rhinoplasty surgeon is a title that all may claim but only a few achieve.


The best look for the nose is as individualized as the nose on your face. No pun intended. Every human being is unique – and so is each nose.
Designing the best aesthetic nose on each individual patient requires a detailed analysis
and a vision that not all surgeons possess. It’s a challenge for patients to determine
who is the best surgeon suited to perform their particular revision rhinoplasty. After all
I have to readjust cartilage grafts and possibly inject the nose in the supra tip area to reduce some unwanted swelling in that particular location.


Although creating an exciting elegant nose  is a creative activity there are certain objective measurements that are essential to possess prior to designing that most perfect operation. Keep in mind that – perfection by definition is unattainable  – yet perusable. These essential measurements include the length of the nose, the middle third width of the nose the tip with, and its defining points.  Also important is the distance from the tip to the a large groove in the distance from the tip to the lip.
All of these measurements are essential to evaluating the nasal appearance. There will be packing in a splint postoperatively to assure all elements of the procedure are safely immobile. This is  in order to see and achieve the most elegant result.


I am an opponent of open rhinoplasty and a strong proponent of close technique. In my opinion there is nothing treatable with the open technique that cannot be treated with the close technique.
This includes grafting of all kinds.
There are givers and takers in the world, and I as your plastic surgeon,
Hope to be the giver of great results.


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