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Plastic surgery helps to discover new potential. There are many different procedures. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a very exciting procedure if you are a patient seeking to improve the appearance of your lower abdomen. Get top quality tummy tuck in Orlando.

There are certain countries in the world that have a higher incidence of obesity – and America probably leads the pack. However, if one day you will awaken and decide that major changes are in order, including a thinner, flatter more muscular abdominal wall – then a tummy tuck may be your next best move. Hundreds of thousands of these procedures are performed in the world every year.

In Orlando in my practice, in particular, is one of the best places to have this operation.

If you are considering improving, flattening and tightening your abdominal wall then you should call our office for a consultation.

I have performed thousands of these procedures over the years and it continues to amaze me how satisfying it is for patients and how it changes their lives for the better. Carrying excessive weight is a great burden. However, once you have made the commitment to change course and lose the weight then the burden becomes the excess loose skin.

Skin Removal Surgery

Skin removal surgery is the type of plastic surgery which is the essence of body contouring. After weight loss it must be performed by someone with exceptional knowledge, experience, skill, training, and talent. Once an individual has shed his or her excess weight then the mind will begin to seek out the next logical and fulfilling step to achieve that final transformation.

Nothing is more fulfilling to an individual to once be obese, shed those pounds and then be faced with hanging unsightly excessive skin. In order for this journey to be successful a consultation with the appropriate surgeon is essential.

I will first congratulate you on the weight loss and then inquire as to any other health issues you may have faced during this weight loss process. Remember, safety is the first important step with respect to this transformative and exciting time in one’s life. Learn more about plastic surgery procedures.

Once a patient is determined to be a good candidate for surgery the design process can begin. This requires a very skilled and experienced surgeon who will share his or her plan with you during your consultation. The consultation process is essential and the patient’s input during the design process is important.

Breast Lift

For a woman weight loss may also produce excess breast skin leading to a high degree of self-consciousness
and displeasure with how one may look in clothing and or swimsuit. The skin removal process which for women
May include the breast and the abdominal wall can re-contour these areas and create a feeling of self-confidence and eagerness to be proud of the new figure. I had patients who have had their lives transformed and become happier, healthier with a much more positive outlook on daily activities.

It’s amazing how these procedures can complete the transformative process for this group of patients. Men who have embarked on this journey may need breast surgery as well. On our website, we have a gallery of both men and women who have decided to take this step. Allowing them to achieve a much more fulfilling and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle.

Liposuction and Breast Augmentation

After outlining the major work like suction and breast augmentation may be added as additional tools.  These tools are useful in producing the final touches on this artistic endeavor. Liposuction of the hips and flanks in addition to the tummy tuck may be helpful.

Breast augmentation in addition to the breast lift may also give volume to otherwise low-volume breasts.
Liposuction around the breast may also help with maximizing the contouring required for this area. Sometimes when present with fat in the upper armpit that can be addressed during the breast augmentation and or the mastopexy or breast lift.
All of these procedures – abdominoplasty, liposuction, mastopexy create a positive body change. Breast augmentation in the right hands can create an exciting change in a person’s life and increase self-confidence. It’s amazing how improved self-confidence can add to an individual’s enjoyment of life in general.


All of these procedures are essentially creative anatomy and plastic surgery, in my opinion, is a performing art. It is an investment on par with major financial decisions in life.

The results require knowledge, experience, skill training, and above all talent. Costs vary from city to city and region to region. Large urban areas have both the greatest experience and highest costs. I caution patients to avoid cheap or inexpensive procedures. More often than not if you make your decision based solely on price you’ll end up needing a revision.

Remember costs include the safe and professional facility, experienced anesthesia provider, extensive preoperative evaluation to determine safety and suitability. In short be careful, do your research and examine before-and-after galleries> Make sure to ask all the right questions during your consultation.

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