buttock augmentation


buttock augmentationButtock augmentation has become very popular over the last several years. The aesthetics of the buttocks has been discussed previously. There are several options to enhance the size firmness in shape of the buttocks. We perform all types of buttock augmentation and the most common is divided between gluteal implants and autologous fat transfer.

Implants offer a most reliable option however the surgical intervention is somewhat more complex with its own specific risks and potential complications. Bleeding and infection and implant extrusion being the most common. Implants come in a limited number of sizes and shapes.

The most common that I use around with fullest projection placed through incisions between the buttock cheeks. The implant itself is placed within the muscle fibers of the gluteal muscle. If the patient has sufficient fat, then transfer of the patient’s own fat can be done. However, it must be emphasized that to achieve the fullest buttock result a significant amount of fat must be harvested. Therefore, thinner people are best served by gluteal implants or there is another option.

Buttock Augmentation

Tissue banks have begun to harvest cadaver fat for fat transfer. To my knowledge this has limited use. As we become more knowledgeable of this technique it perhaps can become more popular. Sculptra- is a type of substance used as a filler throughout the body including the buttocks. Theoretically when injected it can be used as a stimulus to form collagen in the buttocks which simulates volume from one’s own fat.

Implants and fat transfer achieve an immediate result whereas fillers of any kind may require multiple treatments. Fat transfer has a degree of loss of volume 4 number of reasons but can occur. Furthermore, gluteal implants in conjunction with that transfer can be done to achieve the best roundness and fullness. In the right hands for the right reason the right patient buttock augmentation can be very rewarding.

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