scarThe topic of skin scars and scar revision is very complex. However, simply put it is the body’s ability to repair any type of injury. Whether it be traumatic or surgically created. In plastic surgery, we are especially concerned with the appearance of our post-surgical scars. Scar repair or wound healing is a relatively complex bodily function.

For optimal results, skin healing requires as sterile an environment as possible. It requires as precise an incision as possible with a very sharp scalpel or laser. Furthermore, gentle handling of the tissue is a requirement. And, a very precise surgical closure by a skilled practitioner using the most sophisticated suture material available is necessary.

Even under these conditions, scar quality cannot be predicted. In our practice, we have several documents that address the patient’s role in wound healing. This includes cleanliness and respect for the operative site. Body nutrition, sleep, the absence of nicotine in cigarette smoking, and stress all have an influence on healing.

Scar Revsion

In short, the patient plays a significant role in the quality of the final plastic surgery scar. Ours are lengthier scars under tension are with breast surgery, reduction in lift, major body contouring operations like abdominoplasty, thigh, and arm lift. Activity and motion have a significant impact on the quality of scar with respect to these body contouring procedures. Compression garments, scar creams, and silicone gel are also beneficial. When these are properly put to use in achieving the best long-term scar quality and aesthetic result.

Scars whether traumatic or surgical can develop an overgrowth or hypertrophy. They may widen, as well as in some instances, the inability to stop growing as a scar and therefore forming a keloid. Scar revision, scar creams, and in some instances laser treatments are helpful. These help to achieve the optimal post plastic surgery scar result. In plastic surgery, there’s always a trade-off. The ability to accept the variability of a scar post-surgery is a requirement for a good patient.

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