rhinoplastyDuring my consultation for rhinoplasty, I cover very many topics. All of which intend to explain to the patient the process required for rhinoplasty surgery. My vision and the patient’s vision will merge after detailed conversation and examination of various photos of the nasal structure. Most of these wish pics are photoshopped and we address that issue. However, I believe it is essential for the patient to have an opportunity to share with me his or her vision for the final outcome.

This helps me greatly. During the consultation, I walk through all the processes and when we get to the splint removal section of the discussion I informed the patient the day will then see a drastically improved nose. However, this will only represent 75% or so of the final result. The reason is that when I perform rhinoplasty the first step is to make the incision on the inside of the nose. And then through a variety of techniques and maneuvers, I remove and reshape the excess bone and cartilage. This reshaping requires a healing process that realigns all of the restructured components of the nose.

Rhinoplasty Healing

The bone to bone, the cartilage to bone, and the bone to cartilage all must reheal. Furthermore, the skin which was accustomed to not only a different size and shape of the nose but in most instances less volume and in and some other instances for example with grafts more volume. Although at splint removal there is a dramatic improvement in the nose there still requires additional time to heal.

I tell my patients that their operative site is essentially a construction area. Although in a microscopic arena. They cannot see the cells that work but they are busily reforming and conforming to the new structure. This can go on for a year or more. And during that time the patient will notice additional changes which most likely they will embrace with enthusiasm. The tip will become more elegant and refined.

The profile will become more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. The middle third of the nose will then reveal strategic realignment and a more pleasing appearance. Often times there are asymmetric swelling resolution periods. Whereby the nose may look like it’s swollen one side more than the other. While this temporarily may be true. We often use strategic taping, splinting, and massage to help manage these postop situations. Rhinoplasty both primary and revision remains very fulfilling and satisfying usually for all concerned.


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