This blog addresses the issue of non-surgical Rhinoplasty. What this refers to is the use of fillers to improve the contour of the nose. Remember the nose can be either reduced as a refinement procedure or it can be augmented to improve its appearance. The overwhelming majority of Rhinoplasties are  reduction in nature intended to refine and improve the aesthetic qualities of the nose. The goal is to achieve a  much more elegant and attractive nose  in  the female and a straighter more masculine appearing nose  in a male.


Fillers such as hyaluronic acid – – have been available and on the market for some time now. This substance hyaluronic acid – – is the primary substance used for the nonsurgical nose job. It is completely reversible Therefore the nonsurgical nose job referred specifically to the use of a filler – – in this case primarily hyaluronic  acid to add volume strategically to the nose to improve its appearance. This is the non-surgical nose job.


In the hands of an experienced Rhinoplastitian- that is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in and as a profound interest in the nose – – these goals of improving the nose whether a reduction or an augmentation can best be achieved surgically. And personally my preference is- the intra nasal or closed technique.


Keep in mind that surgery of the nose is surgery of millimeters. Therefore, there are certain instances where a small volume of a reversible filler that is  hyaluronic acid– – can be of some benefit. However as a primary tool to augment the nose I believe it is not suitable.


One application in the post operative surgical Rhinoplasty can be to temporarily  evaluate how additional volume could be of benefit. If this temporary volume addition is shown to be pleasing and of benefit then possibly a cartilage graft could be placed with the intent of simulating this temporary improvement and creating something more permanent.


Another use of potential value could be a patient who is a candidate for an augmentation Rhinoplasty but hesitant to undergo a large cartilage or bone harvesting for a more permanent result – – could have a filler injected to simulate this improvement and if acceptable then have the information necessary to proceed with a more permanent resolution or treatment of the problem.


Also, the patient should keep in mind that there are only a handful of qualified surgeons capable of producing consistent Rhinoplasty results. But there are many times more non-surgeons who are willing to recommend the nonsurgical nose job route because they do not perform surgery of any kind. The patient seeking improvement of the nose should keep these facts in mind.

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