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mommy makeover OrlandoMommy Makeover Orlando

The term mommy makeover has become very popular but it is not a true clinical term but used to describe the restoration of the changes a woman faces after multiple pregnancies. These changes created by multiple childbirths can be very disheartening to a woman who prides herself on her presentation and physical appearance. Having children and raising them can be a very fulfilling aspect of life. Once the children are in their teens and it’s clear that the family may not have any further additions mom starts to look two ways to restore that figure. We offer this service to all. We have patients from Florida, and throughout the country and the world.

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and a member of the prestigious American Society of Aesthetic Surgery, I and my surgical team are best suited to perform these demanding operations.

Safety first is the guiding principle. Therefore following the consultation and a complete physical examination of the areas in question, preoperative clearances and labs must be up obtained. The areas in question needing improvement may be the breasts, sagging abdominal skin and fat, excess fat of the flanks and hips inner thighs in her arms and overall body contouring improvement needs. Remember, Plastic Surgery is a creatively applied anatomy specialty.
The breast may need breast augmentation, a breast lift without implants, breast lift with implants or possibly a breast reduction. Sometimes liposuction of the breast area can be incorporated to improve and maximize the result. The abdomen may have loose excess skin and fat that can be flattened and tightened with an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck with the restoration of the normal position of the rectus muscles under the loose skin. Belly button position and design are crucial. Often times the abdominoplasty incision may be extended to beyond the hip area to improve hip contour giving a more slender and appealing result. Learn more

It is essential that these procedures be performed by the experienced board- certified plastic surgeons in an accredited facility in order to maximize the result and minimize the risk. In my opinion, medical tourism should be avoided as we have all heard of and are aware of nightmare stories resulting from these challenging operations being performed by unqualified individuals outside of the United States.

Mommy makeover or the correction of anatomic changes that have resulted from multiple pregnancies can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience for women throughout the country and the world.

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