mole renovalWhen it comes to moles and scar revisions – Often times when we perform major cosmetic surgical procedures there are other important but somewhat minor changes that can occur. For example, when performing rhinoplasty all revision rhinoplasty on the face may have a mole or a blemish or an old scar that could benefit and improve the appearance of the face.

We can offer at the same time as the more major procedure, for example, the rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty excision of a blemish mold or scar revision that may occur on the face simultaneously. Moles can appear in various places throughout the face the cheeks for the head, and chin. Strategic planning can facilitate the removal of these areas simultaneously. We can remove some moles under local anesthesia – an in-person exam is essential.
Furthermore, with breast surgery and tummy tucks, there can be also blemishes throughout the body which can be conveniently removed at the same time as these more major procedures. One of the major benefits of a revision tummy tuck or a revision mastopexy is to hopefully create a much more attractive scar. So one of the secondary benefits of revision surgery of the breast and abdomen will be to hopefully improve the scar in addition to removing any extra skin or creating a more aesthetic breast.
Also, to achieve the best possible looking scar post-op we at Celebrities Choice recommend medical-grade scar creams.
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