male breast lift

Male Breast Lift – Am I a Candidate?

male breast liftThe aesthetic male breast usually does not need much in the way of cosmetic surgery. However, there are occasions when the male breast creates excess gland, excess skin, or both. Excess growth of the gland can be called gynecomastia. This may or may not be accompanied by excess skin.

The gland can not be undergo a reduction with liposuction as is. It is too dense. Therefore, true gynecomastia requires glandular excision. This can be performed through several different types of incisions. If the areola is large enough it can be done through an incision around the curvature of the areola. Otherwise, an incision under the nipple at or above the crease can be used to facilitate excision of the gland. In addition to glandular excision liposuction around the area may be necessary. This is to achieve the best masculine contour.

Male Breast Lift

Weight loss is more likely to cause excess skin at the male breast without necessarily glandular hypertrophy. This requires skin excision through a variety of different methods. Once the determinant method is accepted with its accompanying scar then this will facilitate reshaping and tightening of the male breast. This is without necessarily requiring glandular excision. Some underlying fat may be taken out along with the excess skin.

Once this portion of the procedure is complete, then the nipple areolar complex can be addressed. It can be taken off completely and replaced as a graft. Or, as I prefer to leave it attached and then externalize it through the remaining and now reshaped breast skin. The location of the male nipple is strategic. And, there are many ways to address this to ensure proper placement in a natural location.

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