Look-Alike Plastic Surgery – Can I Look Like Someone Else?

Plastic surgery as a specialty dates back to the 1930s. Since that time the profession dedicates to treating birth defects, cancer reconstruction, trauma patients, and cosmetic aesthetic cases. This spectrum of surgical procedures creates a very broad and profound appreciation for the anatomic changes that it can produce. Furthermore, the appreciation for the psychological changes that often accompany these life-changing operations. Patients sometimes ask about look-alike plastic surgery. This is when a patient wants to look like someone else.

Looks And Beauty

Looks and beauty are essential. The concept of look-alike plastic surgery has several facets. It is said that every human has a look-alike somewhere. This look-alike is a doppelgänger. History is replete with look-alike most notably among celebrities. A doppelgänger is a person born with facial similarities to one or more famous people. This can be a positive strength. Or, it can also be a weakness or negative.

Look-Alike Plastic Surgery?

Imagine if your appearance is similar to Al Capone. Or imagine looking like some other known living criminal. This would create a difficult situation in your life. More likely if you look like a celebrity you might become a professional impersonator. There are impersonator shows throughout the world. Probably the most famous is the Sunburst convention and showcase. This is an annual convention of Impersonators taking Place in Orlando, Florida. This is a fun and entertaining time.
At the opposite end of the spectrum is the extreme obsession with look-a-like surgery. Essentially to seek plastic surgery solely for the purpose of looking like a celebrity. In my mind, this is a form of mental illness. That’s not to say a professional impersonator can’t enhance their marketability by rhinoplasty or blepharoplasty. However, when a patient presents pictures of a celebrity or an idol and wants to for no other reason but to look like that person, this is a red flag.

Plastic Surgery and Psychological State

Mentally and psychologically plastic surgery is best for people who desire to improve or enhance their own look for their own purpose, for themselves. Also, an obsession with a celebrity look can be a form of body dysmorphic syndrome. For example, this is where an individual has an obsession with one or more aspects of their physical appearance. And, even with surgery which improves them, they are still unhappy. I personally have performed procedures to enhance a professional impersonator’s marketability. However, I have said no to my share of patients who I feel were not mentally stable enough. Patients who are seeking look-alike plastic surgery.
The cosmetic component of a plastic surgeon’s practice is best when accepting those individuals with a clear and solid self image. Furthermore, patients who have self-worth. And, patients who desire to improve their appearance for personal reasons. And, not to look like someone else. These individuals oftentimes find new meaning in life. And, they improve their self-worth and self-image. In short, the plastic surgery they seek and obtain makes them happy and fills them with satisfaction.
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