We as Americans, and usually in the Western Hemisphere admire our best body condition. Excess fat although seemingly becoming more acceptable in certain circles can be addressed in multiple ways. Excess skin and fat of the lower abdomen are classically treated with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. However, there are some people who are adamant about not wanting a big scar. Therefore liposuction may be the route to take to remove excess fat.

These people who reject the concept of a large long incision may opt for liposuction of the lower abdomen. Or, liposuction elsewhere in the body. I require patients to sign a disclaimer in these instances. This indicates that the result may not be as optimal or as good as they would expect.


Liposuction is best suited to remove fat from areas of the body that are resistant to diet and exercise. Arms, lower abdomen, lateral thighs on women and love handles or hips on men. These people must clearly state that they are okay with having loose skin post-operation.  This is in the abdomen or arms. Should they choose not to have me remove the skin.

Lateral thighs lend themselves well to liposuction alone. This is because the skin in the lateral thighs is much thicker. And, it contracts more completely. Therefore, lateral thigh liposuction is usually not associated with skin excision in the lateral thigh area. However, in certain rare instances, I have performed direct lateral thigh excision. This is when I made the decision that liposuction alone would not achieve the ideal result. If the skin and the suctioned area do not shrink then noninvasive treatment may help tighten the skin. And, if this is unsatisfactory then direct excision will be necessary.

Body Contouring

Most body contouring procedures in my practice are accompanied by a very detailed disclosure of the location and visibility of the scar. I am very focused on making sure the patient does not have any unrealistic ideas about the final scar. If however, the postoperative scar requires additional attention, there are several methods that help. This includes scar cream or laser treatments. These may be helpful. In some instances, patients like to camouflage their scar. This is done by tattooing directly on or around the scar once it heals completely.

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