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tummy tuckA tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a very rewarding and fulfilling operative cosmetic procedure. In case you’re not familiar with the term hourglass, it refers to the structure of a sand timer. This composition of 2 glass structures each pear-shaped and connected in the middle by a very narrow channel. The hourglass goes back centuries and was and is used as a measure of time.

But because its construction is wide at the top, symmetrically wide at the bottom, and connected by a very narrow channel it has gained popularity as a description usually used by women to describe how they would like their figure to look. Classically in inches 36 for the chest, 22 for the waist, and 36 for the hips. This describes what an hourglass may look like anatomically on a female. Overall, there may be variations. But the narrowness at the waist complemented by fuller shoulders and bust, hips and thighs below describe the sought-after look.

There are theoretical exercises for the upper torso and the hips and thighs that can begin to simulate the so-called hourglass figure. As the upper body and lower body grow with different exercises and dieting – the waist will then begin to look relatively smaller.

As far as surgery goes there are procedures along with the tummy tuck that can approximate the so-called hourglass figure. As we discussed in previous blogs the tummy tuck is a very dramatic operation removing excess skin and fat from the abdominal wall. If there is significant excess in this area, then the tummy tuck will move us closer to the sought-after hourglass figure.

Tummy Tuck

The tummy tuck also will tighten the abdominal muscles centrally and laterally – – treating the external obliques as well as the rectus muscles. Tightening these muscle fascial layers will help create that differential you seek between the upper body the waist and the lower body. In addition, aggressive liposuction of the flanks and hip areas if needed will further the achievement of the hourglass figure.

Skeletal structures also must be taken into consideration. There are operations where the lower ribs can be removed further enhancing the narrowness of the waste. This is a very drastic maneuver. Also, the width of the pelvic bone is not easily alterable. This structure – the pelvis may limit to what extent the hourglass figure is achievable.

Once the optimal hourglass figure is obtained, diet and exercise and maintaining good physical fitness, body weight for height are essential to protect this investment. Therefore, tummy tuck alone may not achieve the goal. However, in combination with other modalities that sought-after glamour hourglass look may be achievable and maintainable.

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