revision rhinoplasty


revision rhinoplasty

The aesthetic portion of plastic surgery is the most challenging. Plastic surgery is both a science and an art—artistry dedicated to the creation of safe and optimal results. Rhinoplasty has always been the most challenging procedure offered because it is the epitome of artistry. After careful consideration and discussion with the patient, complete and thorough knowledge of the nose is required, and a clear vision of what the result needs to look like. This is most challenging with revision rhinoplasty work.

The patients we see for revision rhinoplasty are dissatisfied with the nose result from previous attempts. We spend considerable time – both my staff and I to get to know them well. If we accept them as a patient our hope and goal is to achieve the safest best result and put to rest their dissatisfaction with their nose. This process is unquestionably challenging.

By the time the preliminary evaluations are completed, and the patient has decided to go forward with surgery I have a clear vision of my intended result. The patient is cautioned that because of internal scar tissue and in most instances lack of cartilaginous and possibly bony structure the perfect result is not achievable. However, if I do not feel and believe that I can achieve a noticeably improved nasal structure then I will reject the person as a patient.

Revision Rhinoplasty

With respect to revision reduction – augmentation is most likely the rule. That means I will need cartilage to build what is absent. Cartilage sources are one or both ears, the septum (if it’s adequate), and the ribs. Most likely the cartilaginous portion. This harvesting adds a significant challenge to the procedure but is necessary to achieve the optimal best result. As with all cosmetic procedures healing is unpredictable. It depends upon many factors related to the patient. Also, we emphasize the first time is always the best time to achieve the best result.

Rhinoplasty has become one of the if not the most popular procedures in this age of enhanced self-awareness. Looking our best is exhilarating and exciting, enhancing our self-esteem and quality of life. Save up and make the right choice the first time. We have one of the most extensive before and after galleries for rhinoplasty, primary, revision, and ethnic nose jobs.

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