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liposuctionIs liposuction safe? The short answer to this question requires some degree of clarification. Safety refers to the ability of the patient to receive a certain service without complication. The incidence or occurrence of complications whether it be from the anesthesia or the surgery itself depends upon the health status of the patient. That’s why in our practice we have very strict detailed clearance processes that we must adhere to prior to having liposuction surgery.

Once these requirements for health evaluation are complete then were able to assess the strength of the patient’s condition and therefore the likelihood of avoiding complications or problems. Safety is a very complex issue for liposuction. And, it must be evaluated preoperatively. But generally speaking, once the rigorous preoperative evaluation is complete and satisfactory then safety can be maximized.

Any practice in my opinion that does not adhere to these strict detailed evaluation practices jeopardizes the safety of the patient and reduces the likelihood of the maximum outcome. Whatever we purchase whether it be a product or service quality and value are essential.


The rigorous training that board-certified plastic surgeons complete is unlike anything that any other specialty receives. Board-certified plastic surgeons are the best at what they do. The lengthy training process is unparalleled by any other specialty including facial plastic surgeons.

This explains why board-certified plastic surgeons who assert a level of expertise are expensive. We are the most highly trained and experienced individuals performing plastic and reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Style is important. By viewing my website and Instagram you will be exposed to my specific style of performing aesthetic and cosmetic surgical procedures which include especially rhinoplasty, primary and revision as well as body contouring after weight loss whether it be post-bariatric or post multiple childbirths.

Any MD in this country unfortunately can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon. There is no law governing these labels. However, a good way to judge is to ask if that Dr. who calls himself a cosmetic surgeon has surgical privileges at a local hospital. I emphasize local hospitals because the credentialing process is the most stringent. As a board-certified plastic surgeon and a member of the aesthetic society, my training and experience are impeccable.

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