rhinoplastyThe short answer is yes. All products and services available for purchase in the world at some point and in someplace may be obtained cheaply. However, cheap usually does not mean the best. You get what you pay for. Rhinoplasty requires the greatest degree of knowledge, experience, skill, training, and talent. Especially talent. When it comes to creating the best consistent results over time talent is key.

Unlike any other procedure in plastic surgery, nose surgery requires a specific commitment to style. Remember, elegance is an attitude. Style is a voice. Yes, there is such a thing as achieved rhinoplasty. However, I guarantee you it won’t be the best rhinoplasty. It’s true that you get what you pay for.

It’s very challenging for a person seeking to improve their nose to know who to go to. Every major metropolitan area has board-certified plastic surgeons. And, board-certified ear nose, and throat doctors. Some say they’re double-boarded.

In my opinion, the only board that makes a difference is the American Board of plastic surgery. Only this specialty and members of the aesthetic society have in my opinion the skill set. Also, the commitment to provide the safest possible results consistently.


The nose is a very unique structure. It is very complicated in atomic relationships. The preservation of the most aesthetic relationships is essential. Some plastic surgeons and some ear doctors and nose doctors do not perform rhinoplasty.

My approach is to discuss very thoroughly with each patient when in their life did, they realize that they didn’t like her nose and would like to have surgery to improve it. Next, we do measurements and examine them internally. This is to determine the functionality of the nose. A patient’s vision for their nose must be clearly conveyed to me so that our minds meld with respect to the final outcome.

Most rhinoplasty patients can tell me when in their lives they realized they needed to improve their nose. This usually goes back to middle school. Thank goodness for the families who take their children seriously about their noses and assist them in seeking improvement earlier in life than later. These parents should be commended.

Do your Homework

The best way to determine who to go to is to evaluate their gallery of before-and-after rhinoplasty photos. Anything less than 10 patients should be avoided. I’m not a big fan of computer imaging I think it’s misleading. Nothing takes the place of a detailed consultation examination and evaluation by the patient of previous work by the surgeon. You will notice style varies from doctor to doctor. In our practice rhinoplasty is a customized procedure specifically designed to achieve the most elegant look on the female in the most masculine look on a male. Analyze thoroughly each and every before and after photo on the surgeon’s website and be sure you see a consistent improvement over the majority of the patients presented. Also sharing photos of people with nice noses is also very helpful.

Remember to evaluate reviews and examine the before-and-after gallery. If you are impressed then this is your surgeon. We are very proud of the fact that we attract patients from all over the country and the world to receive in my opinion the safest best rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery available today.

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