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travel surgeryMankind has been committed to improving quality of life and personal appearance since the beginning of time. Plastic surgery in general and with respect to specific procedures when done safely and by qualified personnel results can be amazing, fulfilling, and safe.

When so-called providers of plastic surgery procedures focus primarily on revenue to the exclusion of patient safety tragedy will occur. In the last few years, 25 deaths just in South Florida alone have occurred. 90% of these deaths occur in discount clinics. I repeat do not make your decision about your plastic surgery based on price – you could die. Complications can occur with any surgery including plastic surgery. However, the discounted clinics cut corners unnecessarily to keep costs down and simultaneously put the patient’s life at risk. The desire to look your best must not be governed by cost.

Discounted and Travel Surgery

This is the easiest way to put your life at risk. This occurs most frequently outside of America.  Central America, Mexico, Brazil, and other South American countries do not focus on safety the way we do in the USA. Most recently there was a death of a 27-year-old in Brazil after liposuction. I don’t know the details of her death other than most likely a pulmonary embolus from fat. These complications can occur but can be prevented by certain preoperative and postoperative actions.

Liposuction with transfer of the fat to the buttock area is the most common cause of death exceeding 90% of the reported deaths. All preoperative measures that we undertake to maximize safety I believe must be performed in every single preoperative cosmetic case. In addition, any preoperative medical conditions must be evaluated, commented on, and cleared by any other prescribing physician. For example, if a patient has a heart condition, a lung condition, high blood pressure, or diabetes these medical conditions must be fully controlled by the prescribing physician. They cannot be ignored before going under anesthesia for an elective cosmetic procedure.

Quality and plastic surgery is measurable just like any other product or service. Safety and quality of results are not discountable processes. Here in America, we have fully vetted board-certified plastic surgeons performing complex procedures. As alluded to these discounted clinics whether they be in South Florida or anywhere in Central or South America must be avoided at all costs if you want to stay alive and healthy.

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