breastBreast re-augmentation refers to a procedure whereby a person has breast implants in place, whether saline or silicone or even because of breast reconstruction after cancer surgery and has them removed and replaced. So, breast re-augmentation is a procedure whereby breast implants are removed and replaced.

The primary reasons for re-augmentation or implant replacement are deflation, leakage, or rupture. Whether they are saline or silicone, or a desire to change in size. Some women lose interest in breast implants and have them removed permanently.

This is associated with potentially other issues which will be addressed in a different blog. Revision surgery in general is always more challenging than the procedure done primarily if the breast tissue has not changed significantly then a straightforward re-augmentation can be performed. Opening the pocket may be required. This is called the capsulotomy.

If the existing capsule has been calcified, then an end bloc excision may be required before a new implant can be placed. Pocket dimensions are essential to create the most natural-looking and feeling breast.  Capsulectomy or complete removal of the capsule may also be required under certain circumstances.

Breast Re-augmentation

If after removal of the implant significant sagging occurs a breast lift or mastopexy may be required. This must be discussed in detail prior to any procedure with appropriate consent and design of the operation reviewed and accepted by the patient. Therefore, existing implants in patients who have had multiple pregnancies or have experienced weight gain and weight loss may require a breast lift with any change in breast implant size.

Breast lift in conjunction with implants requires a detailed discussion of the implant size that’s most suitable once the breast tissue has been reduced with the lift. Ideally breast lift and implant size can be done and possibly should be done as a two-stage procedure. Stage one removes the implant and lift the breast. Stage II a minimum of three months later new larger implants can be placed if desired. This delay between lift and new implants allows for the body to accept larger implants that if implants are placed at the time of the lift. This is desirable and affordable by some patients.

Breast revisions of this nature are unique unto themselves, and we specialize in complex breast revisions. Remember our goal is to produce a safe procedure with absolutely the best possible results to enhance quality of life and happiness.

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