rhinoplastyKeep in mind that rhinoplasty requires the greatest attention to detail and skill. Furthermore, plastic surgical experience is essential. Not all plastic surgeons or ear, nose, and throat doctors offer rhinoplasty as a surgical service. I highly recommend that you analyze and compare the before and after galleries of all the plastic surgeons you’re considering performing your rhinoplasty procedure.

Occasionally we see a patient that will request only the hump removal. To answer this question, you need to understand all the details related to performing a rhinoplasty. The nose is a very complex structure. It is made up of skin, bone, and cartilage. Restructuring and realigning these individual components require a great degree of vision, creativity, and skill. It is faulty thinking that a patient can have hump removal without any other intervention. Think of the bump of the nose as the roof of the house.

What happens if you remove the roof? All other structures are at risk. And, the appearance will be less than optimal. That’s why it is essential to understand that reshaping the nose requires attention to each and every component comprising the nasal structure. These changes are in millimeters. And, it is very easy to make a mistake. That’s why attention to detail and experience are essential.


The so-called preservation rhinoplasty in most instances, in my opinion, produces a sub-optimal result. It’s unclear what exactly these proponents are preserving. Furthermore, this ultrasonic bone shaping is misleading. Most of the time, the surgeons who are promoting this instrument also perform bony changes using the traditional chisel or osteotome tools.

Rhinoplasty is a combination of fine art and performing art. The vision for the new nose must be clear. And, the limitations presented by the existing anatomy must be understood. They must be managed thoroughly and completely. The personality of the patient is also essential. Rhinoplasty patients by and large are perfectionists. What they must understand is that perfection by definition is unattainable. In our practice, we are committed to achieving the greatest possible and most aesthetic rhinoplasty result possible.

My personal style for rhinoplasty for female noses is to achieve the most elegant and refined look possible. My style utilizes the closed technique. And, the commitment to achieve as often as possible a slight differential between the dorsum of the tip. You’ll see some galleries and plastic surgeon results that have a very straight dorsum and a rounded tip. I don’t support this type of style. I prefer my own personal style. My style, I believe is the most elegant, refined look. For male rhinoplasty, the straight dorsum is desirable. This is because it lends a more masculine appeal. Removing the nose hump alone is not advisable. This is because all of the refined elements of the nose must be addressed in detail.

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