A 5 foot 10-inch human being weighing 175 pounds is considered overweight. The same height, weighing 209 pounds is considered obese. The concept of body weight as it relates to height is best described by body mass index or BMI. This number has a distinct relationship to the incidents of disease and life expectancy. Therefore the concept of weight loss, being overweight and being obese has a direct relationship to our overall health and how long we live. Losing weight fast should not be a goal.
There are anecdotal incidents of rapid weight loss causing further medical and health risk problems. The goal for all of us as human beings is to have just the right amount of fat for our height. There are some individuals who have a high BMI but are mostly bone and muscle these people are not overweight nor are they obese.

Lose Weight – Diet

The goal for all of us is to live longer, live better, and look our best. This requires a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Generally speaking, the number of carbohydrates that we ingest on a daily basis should be in balance with fats and protein. Your activity level is essential. Cardiovascular exercise which can take many different forms is one of the most significant commitments we as humans can make. It doesn’t matter if you, jog, treadmill, spinning all are excellent forms of cardiovascular conditioning. Therefore low activity, overeating, and to some degree, genetics play a role in our lives.

Lose Weight – The Plan

So as we enter a new decade I would encourage all of us to commit to the healthiest possible lifestyle. Minimal alcohol consumption, eliminate cigarettes, count calories to a degree and step up the cardiovascular exercise and weight training. Remember muscle is the only organ that burns fat.

Sagging Skin

Once you’ve lost your excess fat you will find that your skin may sag. Enter the board-certified plastic surgeon to trim that all away and finish and complete the transformation process. The weight loss, the elimination of excess fat, and body contouring surgery may be of great benefit and you may find it to be fulfilling.




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