How much is plastic surgery in Orlando Florida?

Plastic surgery has become part of the fabric of the world especially here in the USA. It is intuitive and desirable that as adults we embrace a commitment to look our best at all times. Culturally, appearance exhibits a flexible and variable spectrum of styles and fashions. However there are certain aspects of our anatomy that are for the most part universally desirable.  An attractive nose,  smooth firm cheeks and neck, firm perky breasts, and a flat tight abdomen are for the most part desirable and valued. Over the years the number of surgical procedures being performed in America and throughout the world has grown steadily.

As with any product or service there all our inherent costs to the consumer. Plastic Surgery is no different.  The most significant choice you will make when deciding to have plastic surgery is who to trust. This is often not a very easy decision to make. It is my opinion that the highest likelihood of success rests with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in the United States of America. There are very knowledgeable experienced skilled and trained plastic surgeons throughout the world however here in the US we have the most reliable mechanism of credentialing available. As a society of board-certified plastic surgeons we are committed to the highest standards of safety and  moral, ethical behavior. That is to say we serve the patient . It is the patient’s welfare that comes 1st and any financial reward that we may embrace is done so only after we have demonstrated consistently over the years we are– as a group– trustworthy and loyal to our patients. Board certified plastic surgeons have the highest level of knowledge, experience, skill, and training.

Therefore your 1st act is to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who is skilled in the procedure that you seek keeping in mind that not all plastic surgeons will perform all procedures. For example many plastic surgeons will not offer Rhinoplasty or complex post-bariatric reconstruction. Be sure to inquire specifically if the surgeon you interview is skilled in the procedure you seek..

Costs will vary throughout the nation but can be broken down into 3 basic components. The facility fee, the anesthesia provider cost, and the surgeon’s fee. If an implant is needed- whether it be breast or other part of the body then there will be an additional costfor that implant material.  Be very wary of very very cheap surgical fees for cosmetic surgical procedures. Also there is no real need to pay what some may believe to be exorbitant fees for certain cosmetic procedures. That said there is no consistent way to associate or to gauge quality, or the likelihood of success with costs. In today’s world website information, the quality of videos with good audio production and personal interview with the surgeon and his staff in conjunction with review of his work exhibited in the before and after galleries provides a solid mechanism to judge. Plus when available speak with past happy patients. All practices have some enthusiastic patients willing to share their experience. Look for video testimonials on the website. This will assist you in determining what Dr. and office environment would be best for you. You’re becoming part of the plastic surgeons office culture. At our office in Orlando, Florida, we  are just as selective as to who we accept as you should be with respect to who you  trust..

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  1. I am writing from out of state. I plan to be in Orlando this late spring/summer and I would like to have 2 procedures done at the same time. 1)nose tip refinement 2)lower facelift including an incision under the chin to tighten loose neck skin. I am 47. I understand that it is important to meet in person to discuss this, but I will not be able to meet in person until later in the year. Could you please give me a ballpark estimate for the total cost of both procedures? Thank you very much, Andrea Marsiano

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