This blog is about cost of breast enlargement. Before we get into those details it’s important to understand that most all of the operations considered cosmetic or aesthetic are not deemed medically necessary nor are they a covered expense for most insurances.

Therefore these are essentially luxury items in today’s world. Paid for by the patient..

The breast as we have discussed in the past is a very significant and  important social economic political sexual and anatomic  entity in our world.  A significant component of a woman’s psyche and identity as well as well-being is associated with her breasts. (thisis not shared by all.) Some women are born with smaller breasts than they would like. Some women exhibit a reduction in volume after having children. These groups of women are the primary candidates for breast enlargement.  Most women will agree that after breast augmentation they have a higher opinion of their figure their appearance and possibly their sexuality. In one such study over 90% of the women who had breast augmentation are satisfied with the result and would do it again. We are now beyond the silicone scare issue and it is accepted that silicone gel implants are the gold standard for breast implants. COSTS..

Cost for cosmetic augmentation surgery can be broken down into multiple components 1stthe facility must be reimbursed.  The facility can be a doctors office surgical suite, a freestanding ambulatory  surgery center, an outpatient division of a hospital. Each of these facilities must be reimbursed for the use of the operating room, all of the materials utilized for the procedure including intravenous fluids tools to do the operation disposable paper products to ensure sterility during the procedure as well as the circulating nurse the surgical assistant and the recovery facility are included in this cost. . A 2nd component of the fee is anesthesia provider. Most breast augmentation patients are very healthy and of low anesthesia risk. And M.D. anesthesia is preferred but Crna can be acceptable. I have used both over the years  with great success and satisfaction. The implants are a 3rd cost and range in price depending upon the manufacturer and whether they are silicone or saline. Silicone gel implants are slightly more expensive but in my opinion they are a far superior product.

The above 3 components are relatively fixed. The most important component is the last and that is the knowledge experience skill and training of the surgeon. Not all plastic surgeons are created equal and some have a very profoundly developed skill and talent to produce an aesthetic looking breast. I prefer the periareolar  incision when it is appropriate followed by the infra-mammary incision as a 2nd choice. The essence of the procedure is to create the best possible pocket to accept and house  the implant in its most perfect fashion. There is no substitute for experience and it has been demonstrated repeatedly the more procedures a surgeon has performed the higher likelihood of success without competition. Therefore, facility fee, anesthesia provider, implant costs––artistic ability of the surgeon. These are the main components of the cost of breast augmentation. Costs start at  $7900.00 and go up- depending upon the implant specifics and the procedure performed. Secondary or redo breast augmentations are usually slightly more expensive.If you have any further questions or wish to make an appointment call our office at 407-629-4100.

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  1. the cost depends on what you get done I read an atlicre that listed costs from about 6 years ago so they may have changed but an eye lift was around 3,000-5,000 and a nose job was around 5,000 lipo all depends on the areas the chin is more risky so it’s more expensive I’m sure that there are approximate prices listed on a surgeons website. best of luck

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