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male breastThe male breast can be a very attractive element of the male body. If however, a man has breasts that sag, are excessively large or in short look like a woman’s this will cause a significant psychological problem for the patient. No amount of muscle exercise, no matter how large the pectoralis muscle can become will fill out the extra skin. Nor hide the gland and make the man’s breast look more manly.

This condition is called gynecomastia or female characteristics on a man with regard to his breasts. There are many many medications that can cause this some more commonly used than others. Men who take steroids for muscle building and bodybuilding can sometimes create a hormonal imbalance whereby estrogen becomes more plentiful than the male hormone testosterone.

This imbalance or excess of estrogen compared to testosterone will cause the breast to grow. Many teenagers have feminine-looking breasts but outgrow it in their later teen years. Plastic surgeons can treat the male breast. The diagnosis is one of physical exam without the need for extensive blood tests or x-rays. The skin, the breast gland, and the surrounding fat within the breast all contribute to the feminization of the male breast. Surgery can be very rewarding and restore the male patient’s confidence in his appearance.

The core issue is to remove the gland when it is enlarged. Simultaneously, fat removal around the gland in skin contouring if needed can finish the procedure and create a more masculine breast. There will be at minimum an incision or scar around the areola or in the infra memory fold. In some cases where the skin is excessive, a vertical scar may be required in conjunction with the infra memory incision.

Therefore through these techniques, glandular excision, excess fat removal, and skin contouring if needed should result in an excellent looking male breast. Postoperatively a special type of garment or vest like dressing may be helpful to facilitate the healing process. There will be a permanent scar that may fade with time. There could possibly be some decrease in nipple sensation which in men is usually not a major problem. Usually, fat removal alone will not suffice.

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