buttock augmentation


buttock augmentationButtock augmentation has become very popular. The two main mechanisms are fat transfer from other parts of the body and/or silicone implants. The configuration and texture of the implants is different than breast augmentation. A thorough consultation evaluation is essential to determine suitability and size.

The operation is done with the patient in a prone position. There are two or three different ways to surgically enter the area. Once the initial incision is made then dissection into the proper plane of the buttocks is next. Once the pocket is adequate, an antibiotic solution irrigates the pocket to prevent infection. This may also occur with Betadine to keep the area clean.

The chosen implant is then set in place. And, then the surgeon closes the incision. It is a delicate operation. Buttock augmentation is one of the post-op courses that is the most challenging. Occasionally if there is adequate donor fat then additional fat transfer may be put in place or a desirable amount to achieve an optimal result.

Buttock Augmentation Recovery

After gluteal buttock augmentation a minimum of six weeks is the requirement to stay off the buttocks. Sleeping is usually on the stomach. Avoiding direct weight on the implants is essential. Furthermore, pain medication and a prescription of antibiotics are given postoperatively. Also, additional liposuction of the waist may be a requirement to further improve the figure. Infection and numbness may occur. If the infection is severe enough the implants must be taken out. Asymmetry in the human body is always the rule and not the exception. Patients must be aware of this.

In our practice we require a thorough and complete preoperative workup before a buttock augmentation. This includes all labs, chest x-ray, EKG and clearances from any physicians attending to other medical issues. For the right patient is a great operation to augment and improve the appearance of the buttocks.

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