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mommy makeoverThere is nothing more dangerous to your life and health than to decide to have discounted plastic surgery. The cost of cosmetic surgery is in most instances completely self-pay not covered by insurance. Therefore, some of us are motivated to find the cheapest place for a cosmetic surgery. This can be a deadly mistake. There are several areas for you to consider.

First, check on the qualifications of your surgeon. Board certification in plastic surgery is a good sign of competence but not always. So, I would start there. If your surgeon is not board certified in plastic surgery – not general surgery, not urologic surgery, not ear nose and throat surgery. But board certification in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Durthermore, with potentially and desirably membership in the AESTHETIC SOCIETY. Membership in this society requires a certain expertise and number of cases of cosmetic procedures.

You can not just do one tummy tuck or rhinoplasty or one facelift and become a member of THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR AESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY. Each member is thoroughly evaluated specifically for his skills in cosmetic surgery. This is a good starting point.

Qualifications of Your Plastic Surgeon

Next is the safety of the facility. I personally perform my surgical procedures at a fully accredited ambulatory surgery center which in my case is directly affiliated with a major local hospital organization? Many of the discount facilities may not meet minimum standards for safety. The state of Florida as well as most other states have detailed requirements that must be in place before that state recognizes a specific facility as being safe for its citizens. Discount facilities almost always find ways around these requirements.

Next is the quality of anesthesia. As a consumer you are unable to adequately and thoroughly evaluate the level of care rendered by the anesthesia provider. Next is postop care. Will you be monitored completely and thoroughly by adequately trained and certified medical care professionals?

All plastic surgeons in this country myself included occasionally get calls from people who have its plastic surgery outside the country,or at a discount location wanting us to do their postop care which may include suture removal and treating complications.

This is not something that board-certified plastic surgeons me included will easily entertain. In plastic surgery you truly get what you pay for. That’s not to say expensive is the best but the best is usually expensive.

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