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cosmetic ear surgeryCosmetic ear surgery is a very significant element of plastic surgery. The most common request of plastic surgeons is to reduce the prominence of the patient’s ears. Children with prominent ears are subject to bullying and insults at an early age. This can be disheartening for young children. Therefore the most common age group for prominent ear correction is preteen.

It’s amazing how correcting prominent ears for young children can strengthen their self-esteem as they grow older. Technically what I do is make the incision behind the ear and move the cup of the ear closer to the head. Furthermore, this setback procedure corrects the majority of the problem.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery in Preteens

Often times the complex cartilaginous folds of the ear can also be missing or inadequate. I’m able to re-create and improve this detailed portion of the procedure. And, these two procedures will produce ears that are more normal in shape and position.

Less commonly a child may be born with a missing ear structure. This is a more complex repair that requires rib cartilage usually from the patient or tissue bank. This procedure requires very precise experience and should be taken care of as soon as the young child can tolerate several hours of surgery.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery Due to Piercings

Piercings may pull through causing a split earlobe. This may seem like a very simple repair.  However, in order for the reconstruction to last very precise and intricate tissue rearrangement of the lobe is a requirement. Placing large mostly circular objects within the ear lobe will produce a significant distortion.  I have performed the removal of these objects with earlobe reconstruction for patients. Those who chose to abandon the cultural statements that they had previously made. Usually, these procedures are accompanied by lifestyle changes. Changes that the patient feels will benefit him or her more favorably.

These issues include the majority of cosmetic ear surgery procedures. And, as stated setback for prominent ears is the most common followed by piercing pull-throughs.

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