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chin fillerA very important focal point of our glamorous and elegant looks is our profile. We all strive to be the best we can be in all aspects of our life. When I consult with the patient about their chin profile – I first check the occlusion. That is the bite. How do the teeth meet? Is it a normal bite? If the occlusion is abnormal or nonfunctional, this issue must be addressed prior to or simultaneously with the profile.

The chin component of the profile is measured as it compares to a vertical line dropped from the NASION- or the bridge of the nose. The deficiency is measured, and an appropriate chin adjustment is discussed.  We now have the luxury of fillers to test to see if the improvement we seek is desirable.

Chin Fillers

Since the fillers, in most instances, can be reversed then if the result is not desirable it can be immediately eliminated with the antidote. There are some fillers that are less temporary and therefore offer a slightly more permanent chin augmentation mechanism.

Also, they are nonsurgical and therefore avoid the additional potential factors related to a surgical procedure. Fillers also have a place in the overall volume addition and contouring of the face. These issues are usually discussed at the same time.

Also, regarding the profile, we usually discuss the structure of the nose. I’m constantly surprised and amazed at how aesthetic and glamorous or masculine a face can be with the ideal or optimal nose and chin structure.

Once surgical chin augmentation is decided upon then it can be approached either through the mouth or from under the chin. I prefer the submental or under-the-chin incision as I believe it gives a lower incidence of potential infection than an incision in the mouth. Careful discussion of the style and size of the chin implant is essential. Once that is all discussed and decided upon in the surgical procedure is complete – – the postop care begins. Therefore, to answer the question, fillers are temporary and the implant offers a little bit more permanent solution. Although keep in mind it is a foreign body needing all the respect it’s due.

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